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4.21 Star Rating
101 reviews
Current Resident3 months ago
"The Maintenance Staff is incredbile and was quick and easy, I hope I can Renew my lease again for another 13 months, because I love how fast things get done and how much there is to do around here."
Current Resident3 months ago
"As I mentioned before I have seen the ups and downs with the 4 previous owners but for the past three years specially from 2021 to present is amazing excellent management actually in the process of renovation"
Tracey P.4 months ago
"I feel so lucky to live in Bell Boca Town Center! I’m impressed with everything and everyone in the community."
Carlos M.5 months ago
"It is a great community for living, nice apartments with good distribution. I like the dual tennis courts , the pool, and We enjoy being close to the Town Center Mall."
Tracey P.5 months ago
"Bell Boca Town Center is a fabulous place to live!"
Christopher V.6 months ago
"Great place to call home property manager and the team are great if maintenance issues come it’s fixed very fast!"
Tracey P.6 months ago
"I feel lucky to live here!"
Current Resident7 months ago
"Leasing staff very helpful"
Tracey P.7 months ago
"I love living at Bell Boca Town Center and feel lucky to live here!"
Eduardo C.7 months ago
"excelente ya he recomendado varias personas"
Jose L.7 months ago
"Residing in the community for 27 years have enjoyed every moment amid of minor issues due to misbehavior of some residents during the years. This happens anywhere. I just signed my 27th lease."
Current Resident9 months ago
"The maintenance and office workers are highly competent, professional, and friendly. The location is perfect"
Eduardo C.9 months ago
"me encanta lo limpio que siempre esta"
Tracey P.9 months ago
"Bell Boca Town Center is an outstanding place to call home! With the upscale apartments, beautiful community, lush landscaping, responsive maintenance and wonderful office team, I feel very lucky to love here!"
Jose L.10 months ago
"Location Management maintenance"
Current Resident10 months ago
"First of all, the location of the condo is perfect. The beautiful and pleasant landscaping, common leisure areas are also very cool!"
Bruce M.10 months ago
"Friendly, safe and ready to help you at any given moment. Beautiful lobby and clubhouse with a computer room that is very comfortable. Pool area and other common ground areas are governed and policed for trash. Security person is a very nice fellow as well."
Current Resident10 months ago
"Under the actual management remains me of the staff 26 years ago always professional and prompt to respond"
Tracey P.10 months ago
"This is an outstanding community with everything you could want and more - from luxurious apartments and beautiful grounds to wonderful staff and great location and ! I highly recommend it to everyone and I'm very proud to live here."
Bruce M.11 months ago
"I have lived on S Verdi Trail for 32 years dividing my living space between the two complexes now called Gables Town Place and Bell Boca. Great place to live"